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November 21, 2011

Robert Aronowitz (UPenn Site Director) The New York Times

My friend’s mother got terrifying news after she had a mammogram.
November 21, 2011

Jeffrey Niederdeppe (Cohort 4) The Ashland Current

Every Great Lakes state warns people about eating toxic fish but officials are examining the risks of contaminants that aren’t covered under current advisories.
November 18, 2011

Sabrina McCormick (Cohort 5) Time

Maybe we should retire the term "global warming," which makes climate change sound like a nice, pleasant bath.
November 14, 2011

James Knickman (National Advisory Committee) NY1

National Advisory Committee member, James Knickman  is interviewed on NY1 regarding federal funds for local programs to improve medical care
November 14, 2011

Thomas LaVeist (National Advisory Committee) The Baltimore Sun

Where you live can help determine your health. A Baltimore family sees improvements after their move to a better neighborhood.
November 11, 2011

Harvey Fineberg (National Advisory Committee)

A three-pronged health challenge is putting the squeeze on already-scarce resources in the developing world, with heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic ailments growing
November 11, 2011

Douglas Jutte (Cohort 1), Malo Hutson (Cohort 4) & Kaja LeWinn (Cohort 5) Health Affairs

Bringing Researchers And Community Developers Together To Revitalize A Public Housing Project And Improve Health
November 9, 2011

Elizabeth Rigby (Cohort 3) Health Affairs

Now Playing Saving Money And Improving Patient Care In Medicare: Ideas For The Joint Select Committee
November 7, 2011

Sacoby Wilson (Cohort 3)

In anticipation of Halloween, Environment America held an event today to unveil the Ten Scariest Facts about the Chesapeake Bay, showing that a terrifying concoction of nitrogen, phosphorous, and other pollutants have made the Bay a ghost of its former self.
November 5, 2011

Mark Hatzenbuehler (Cohort 8) The Columbus Dispatch

Most school districts in Franklin County ban bullying in a general way: No student should be harassed for any reason, by any method.

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