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August 3, 2009

Patrick Sharkey (Cohort 5) Article appears in The Washington Post

On a recent Saturday morning in Harlem, a few dozen pregnant women in a parenting class made resolutions for life after the baby's birth.
July 27, 2009

High School Students from 24 States Compete in the Sixth Annual Young Epidemiology Scholars (YES) Competition

Several Health & Society Scholars, Alumni, Faculty and National Advisory Committee members involved as preliminary and national judges in this prestigious RWJF program.
July 27, 2009

Patrick Sharkey (Cohort 5) Featured in The Washington Post

Researchers have found that being raised in poor neighborhoods plays a major role in explaining why African American children from middle-income families are far more likely than white children to slip down the income ladder as adults.
July 23, 2009

Jason Block (Cohort 5) Feature in the Boston Globe

As if it wasn't hard enough to lose weight, along comes this relentless recession to make it even more challenging.
July 22, 2009

Jason Block (Cohort 5) Feature in Reuters Health Medical News

Being under stress -- including worrying about paying bills in today's economy -- may make overweight and obese people gain more weight
July 21, 2009

Christopher Wildeman (Cohort 6) Feature in the Indianapolis Star

When Rosalonie Reyna's check-kiting scheme crumbled, the fact that she was caring for three children did not keep her out of prison.
July 15, 2009

Christopher Wildeman (Cohort 6) Study Featured in the New York Times

With Higher Numbers of Prisoners Comes a Tide of Troubled Children
July 11, 2009

Jason Block (Cohort 5) Feature in the Chicago Sun Times

Today's economy is stressing people out, and stress has been linked to a number of illnesses -- such as heart disease, high blood pressure and increased risk for cancer.
July 2, 2009

David Van Sickle (Cohort 4) and Sheryl Magzamen (Cohort 5) Inhaler predicts attacks

By marrying GPS technology with asthma rescue inhalers, University of Wisconsin-Madison researcher David Van Sickle hopes to better understand the environmental triggers of asthma attacks and improve the way people with asthma control their disease.

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