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January 23, 2013

The New York Academy of Medicine (National Program Office) RWJF Human Capital Blog

Defining Population Health: First in a Five-Part Series
January 15, 2013

Elizabeth Rigby (Cohort 3) Huffington Post

Why We Don't Need a Second 'War on Poverty' (At Least Not Now)
January 15, 2013

Jason Fletcher (Cohort 8) The Atlantic

Study: Children With ADHD Earn Less, Work Less Later In Life
January 12, 2013

Natasha Schüll (Cohort 1) The New York Times - Business Day

I’m Losing Money. So Why Do I Feel So Good?
January 7, 2013

Samir Soneji (Cohort 6) The New York Times

Social Security: It’s Worse Than You Think
January 7, 2013

David VanSickle (Cohort 4) PRNewsWire

2013 is going to be a turning point for digital health.
December 14, 2012

Jason Fletcher (Cohort 8) The Scientist

New research suggests that some smokers may carry a gene variant that makes them less likely to quit simply because cigarette taxes are raised.
December 11, 2012

Jeffrey Niederdeppe (Cohort 4)

Many U.S. adults think cancer is a matter of luck or fate, but Internet use increases a positive outlook on cancer prevention and diagnosis.
December 10, 2012

Sabrina McCormick (Cohort 5) Science CoDex

Citizen science more than a century later: Ordinary people go online to track Gulf oil spill
December 6, 2012

Jooyoung Lee (Cohort 7) Chicago Reader

Another price of segregation: not just homicide, but countless walking wounded

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