The RWJF Health & Society Scholars program ended February 2017. The site will no longer be updated. More »

The Scholars

The RWJF Health & Society Scholars Interactive Map was designed to foster collaboration between program scholars and alumni, as well as individuals outside the program looking for potential collaborators.  Utilize the tabs at the top of the map to view the current positions and grants of all our scholars/alumni, identifying any Discipline(s), Area(s) of Expertise or Location(s) in which you are interested.  The map and output below will update with each selection.  The columns below the map may be sorted by clicking on the header, and individual scholar BIOs and email addresses may be obtained from their hyperlinked names.  Click the pink balloons on the map for a closer look at a particular region.  To see a listing of scholars by cohort year, click here.
Non-U.S. Based Alumni – Although not appearing on the map, all Non-US Based Alumni will appear in the data below the map when their specific discipline(s) or area(s) of expertise are selected, or when “Outside the United States” is selected from the locations tab.