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Andrew Papachristos, Ph.D.

RWJF Health & Society Scholar:

Sociology, Criminology

Area(s) of Expertise:
Urban Poverty, Social Networks, Street Gangs, Violent Crime, Gun Violence


Personal Website:


Andrew V. Papachristos is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology, Public Health, and Law (adjunct) at Yale University, the Director of the Center for Research on Inequalities and the Life Course (CIQLE), and a faculty affiliate at the Institution for Social and Policy Studies (ISPS) at Yale University. His research applies the growing field of network science to the study of neighborhoods, street gangs, and gun violence. Most recently, Papachristos was awarded an NSF Early CAREER award to examine how violence spreads through high-risk social networks in four cities. He is also currently involved in the evaluation and implementation of several violence reduction strategies, most notably the Project Safe Neighborhoods and the Group Violence Reduction Strategy in Chicago. His writing has appeared in Foreign Policy, The American Journal of Sociology, City & Community, The Annals of the American Academy of Social and Political Science, The American Journal of Public Health, The Journal of Urban Health, Criminology & Public Policy, Journal of Quantitative Criminology, and several edited volumes and other peer-reviewed journals. In addition, he is the most recent recipient of the American Society of Criminology’s Ruth Cavan “Young Scholar” award given each year to the most outstanding scholar who was granted a Ph.D. within the previous 5 years. He received his Ph.D from the University of Chicago.

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