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Patrick T. Sharkey, Ph.D.

  RWJF Health & Society Scholar:


Area(s) of Expertise:
Neighborhoods and Communities, Stratification and Mobility, Urban Sociology, Crime and Violence, Social Policy




Patrick Sharkey is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at New York University, with an affiliation at NYU's Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service. His research focuses on stratification and mobility, with a specialized interest in the role that neighborhoods and cities play in generating and maintaining inequality across multiple dimensions. One strand of his research seeks to describe and explain the persistence of neighborhood inequality in America's cities, and the mechanisms by which this inequality persists over time and across generations of family members. A second strand of his work focuses on the consequences of neighborhood inequality for the life chances of individuals from different racial and ethnic groups in America.

Journal Articles:
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  Sharkey, Patrick. Stuck in Place: Urban Neighborhoods and the End of Progress toward Racial Equality. University of Chicago Press, 2013