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Jeffrey Bingenheimer, Ph.D.

RWJF Health & Society Scholar:

Public Health

Area(s) of Expertise:
Adolescence, HIV/AIDS, Sexual Behavior, Sub-Saharan Africa, Demography, Quantitative Methods



An expert in the social determinants of health-related behavior and social epidemiology, and the quantitative methods for studying both, Professor Bingenheimer has conducted research on sexual behavior, HIV risks, and the impact of neighborhood on health and mortality. Prior to joining SPHHS, Dr. Bingenheimer was a NICHD-funded post-doctoral fellow in family demography and individual development at the Population Research Institute at Pennsylvania State University. After completing his doctorate in 2005, he was a Robert Wood Johnson Health and Society Scholar at the Harvard School of Public Health. His current research focuses on the influences of gendered family, peer group, and community contexts of behavioral risk factors for HIV, STIs, and pregnancy among adolescents and young adults in Ghana.

Journal Articles:
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