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Patrick M. Krueger, Ph.D.

 RWJF Health & Society Scholar:

Sociology, Demography, Public Health

Area(s) of Expertise:
Population Health, Health Behaviors and Health Lifestyles, Family Demography, Mortality, Race/Ethnic, Sex, and Socioeconomic Disparities in Health, Statistical Methods



Patrick M. Krueger is an assistant professor in the Department of Sociology and the Department of Health and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Colorado Denver, and a member of the research faculty in the Institute of Behavioral Science at the University of Colorado Boulder. His recent research broadly focuses on the social organization of health behaviors across race/ethnic, gender, and socioeconomic groups, and the consequences of those behaviors for health and mortality outcomes. His research sits at the intersection of sociology, demography, and social epidemiology. He earned his Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Colorado Boulder and his B.A. in sociology and psychology from Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, MI. After spending two years as a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health & Society Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania, he spent three years as an assistant professor at the University of Texas School of Public Health in Houston before joining the faculty at the University of Colorado Denver.

Journal Articles:
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