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Angie Boyce, Ph.D.

 RWJF Health & Society Scholar:

Science and Technology Studies

Area(s) of Expertise:
History of Public Health, Infectious Disease, Food Regulation, Sociology of Technology, Bioethics



Angie Boyce is a historian and ethnographer who studies public health emergencies, surveillance, infrastructure, and cross-jurisdictional policy response.  She was a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow, and completed her PhD in Science and Technology Studies at Cornell University in 2014.  Her dissertation examines the history and current operations of America's early warning system for detecting and responding to outbreaks of foodborne disease.  As the nation’s food system has become increasingly industrialized, mass-produced, and distributed nationally and globally, the kinds of outbreaks that occur, and systems for detecting them, have changed in parallel.  As an RWJF Health & Society Scholar, she plans to conduct a cross-case analysis of major public health emergencies, examining historical and contemporary debates about the infrastructure of the US public health system. She also maintains an interest in the regulatory politics of food safety and nutrition.  Angie received her A.B. from Harvard College in History and Science, and received a Certificate in Mind, Brain, and Behavior.  Prior to entering graduate school, she worked at the Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics.

Journal Articles:
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