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Jennifer Jennings, Ph.D.

RWJF Health & Society Scholar:


Area(s) of Expertise:
Educational and Health inequality, Race, Gender, and Class Disparities, Organizational Accountability Systems



Jennifer Jennings is a sociologist who studies racial, socioeconomic, and gender disparities in educational and health outcomes. Her dissertation examined how government accountability systems that evaluate schools based on student outcomes affect educational inequality. By making use of audit measures for which schools are not held accountable, she evaluates these systems’ effects on a broader set of outcomes, as well as our perceptions of racial, gender, and socioeconomic inequality. Expanding her existing research to examine the relationship between early health and educational outcomes, and the effects of community-level shocks on population health was her goal as a Health and Society Scholar. She received a Ph.D in Sociology from Columbia University in summer 2009. In 2011, she joined the Sociology department at New York University.

Journal Articles:
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